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Thieves steal Company owned 2020 Corvette wheels

More funny business with the 2020 C8. Luckily no engineers were directly involved this time.

It apperars that a 2020 Corvette has had all 4 wheels stolen in the West Village over the past couple days.

A few years ago I had wheels stolen off a Red Line Silverado. After some investigation I found them for sale and was able to prove they were my wheels. You can check that out here. 


I think used wheels on Facebook market place will be a little easier to prove stolen since the car doesn’t go into production till 2/3/2020

The poor mid-engined Corvette is now sitting on cinder blocks with its rear end resting on the ground, so it’s likely that the criminals inflicted some damage in the process of swiping the wheels.

For Reference you can order your car with locking lug nuts from the factory to prevent this. Or if you didn’t order them you can pick them up from your Chevy dealer.

How to buy a car with bad credit

Buying a car with bad credit in 2020 can be rather easy when you are well prepared. In this blog I want to show you exactly what to do, bring with you to the dealership to have a informed and well-prepared car buying experience.

Get Your Financial Documents in Order

TIPS TO GET YOU APPROVED FAST AND HASSLE FREE when you have challenged credit.

* Money down or trade equity is key. The more you have the better terms and conditions you’ll get. (% rate, the term of the loan, actual car the bank will approve, lower payment, etc) 10% is a good number, 20% is a better number.

* Bring with you your Most recent pay stub of 2020 showing income and taxes, your last pay stub of 2019 showing income/taxes.

* 2 utility bills showing proof of where you live,

* 6 names, addresses, phone numbers of different household family members or friends,

* proof of full coverage insurance (must be dated correctly)

* 1099/self-employed employees your need the last 3 months of bank statements and possible 2 years of tax returns,

* If your income is a government source (social security, court-ordered child support, etc.) you will need 3 months of bank statements showing direct deposited, and an award letter from the agency of income.

When you show up to the dealership with all the above-referenced info the transaction will go SMOOTH and in a TIMELY manner.

Remember, Buying a Car Doesn’t Have to Suck™

Watch out for scams.

People with bad credit are the target of countless scams. Don’t fall victim to predatory loans, no matter how much you want to be in a new car. Too often these loans end up poorly for the car buyer and result in yet another blemish on an already tarnished credit record. No matter how desperate you are for a new vehicle, take your time, get all the facts, and make the most financially sound decision you can.

Don’t buy with the expectation of trading for a new vehicle in a couple of years.

One of the ways car salesmen get you into a car is to build up your hopes of trading in next year. Sounds like a great deal, but when you do this, the balance of the old loan is added to the new loan and your payments increase or your repayment period extends. Don’t trade unless you improve your credit and can qualify to refinance at a lower interest rate.

Stay  away from dealerships that don’t post the price of their car online.


One of the biggest car lot scams out there is making you give info to get the price of the car. Many times is name, email address, and cell number. Once you give that info you find out their are no prices to be found.

In this video, I share what scams to watch for.

YOYO loan scams

A yoyo goes down and with a flick of the wrist comes right back to you.  Well that is what a yoyo loan is. A dealership tells you that you are approved, have you sign paperwork, give you the keys to your car and send you on your way.  WELL, that is until they call you and say “there is a problem with your paperwork”.

This is actually illegal in many cases and you have rights. This video explains more.

Chevy offers Rebate on 2020 Corvette


The Supply and demand on the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is through the roof. So manufacture rebates won’t happen. WELL, EXCEPT THIS LITTLE TRICK. By doing what I explain below there is a way you can save up to $1,500 on the purchase of your 2020 Corvette.

As I was looking up info for a customer I decided to look and see if the 2020 Corvette was on the GM Buypower car redemption list. IT IS!!!

Buy heading over to Gm BuyPower you can apply for the card and when you use your card you earn 5% on your first $5,000 and 2% on everything past that. Check out Their website for more info 

The Gm Buy power redemption earnings are considered a rebate and they are on the incentive management tool that all dealers pull when you buy a car. So make sure you tell your dealership at time of delivery so you get your savings.

Two GM Employees Jailed for Racing C8 Corvettes in Bowling Green Ky.

Mark Derkatz & Alexander Thim have some pretty amazing jobs. Both are engineers for the greatest sports car in the world, Corvette. But the tempation to use the cars as intended can lead to some trouble.

Thim a computer aided engineer and Merkatz an electrical engineer were spotted in bowling Green Wednesday night racing each other in their Company owned C8 Sports Cars.

According to Kentucky State Police, a trooper stopped the 2 engineers on the evening of Wednesday, January 8, on Lovers Lane in Bowling Green, for exceeding the posted 45-mph speed limit by more than 26 mph, reckless driving, and racing motor vehicles on a public road.

During Car events police in Bowling green seem to be a little laid back in regards to playing around on the street. I guess not in January with the world watching and waiting for regular production to start February 3rd,

Police enlisted two towing companies to remove them from the scene and deposit them at a tow lot, where a police representative said the vehicles were collected the next day “by the owner,” presumably representatives of General Motors.

Street sign impales Corvette in multi-vehicle crash; 2 hospitalized

The driver said he thought someone had rear-ended him.

This is a Crazy one out of Hallandale Beach Fl.

A multi-vehicle crash in Florida sent one man to the hospital.

His car ended up being impaled by a street sign.

Investigators say the sign was somehow sitting on the side of Interstate 95. A car hit it and sent it airborne into the back windshield of this white Corvette.

The driver said he thought someone had rear-ended him.

A woman riding in another car was hurt during the ensuing pile-up. She was taken to an area hospital.

Copyright 2020 WSVN via CNN. All rights reserved.

2020 Corvette Auto Show Appearance list.

2020 Corvette Auto Show tour list

The 2020 C8 is expected to start production February 3, 2020. The dealerships who signed up for the mobile tour should have all had their tour dates at the time of this post.

But, there is still plenty of opportunity to see the most exciting product GM has ever produced up close and personal.

Special thanks to  Bryan Bitner and Steven Settingsgaard for the work they put in on the List for the 2020 Corvette Auto show list.

The blue convertible you see above is the same car that was at The SEMA show and you can view the whole car here Full convertible top operation and C8 accessories.

This 2020 Prototype will be making it’s rounds to autoshows all year. Below is a list.


Remember the Detroit auto show is NOW IN JUNE.  So Chicago will be the first Major autoshow to see it.

Indianapolis IN 12/26 – 01/01
San Diego CA 01/01 – 01/05
San Jose CA 01/09 – 01/12
Ft. Lauderdale FL 01/09 – 01/12
Greenville SC 01/10 – 01/12
Peoria IL 01/10-01/12
Boston MA 01/16 – 01/20
Louisville KY 01/17 – 01/19  Feel free to come by the dealership if you are in town.
Charleston WV 01/17 – 01/19
Sandy UT 01/17 – 01/20
Houston TX 01/22 – 01/26
St. Louis MO 01/23 – 01/26
Harrisburg PA 01/23 – 01/26
Omaha NE 01/23 – 01/26
Providence RI 01/24 – 01/26
Washington DC 01/24 – 02/02
Grand Rapids MI 01/30 – 02/02
Baltimore MD 02/06 – 02/09
Buffalo NY 02/06 – 02/09
Syracuse NY 02/06 – 02/09
Toledo OH 02/06 – 02/09
Davenport IA 02/07 – 02/09
Chicago IL 02/08 – 02/17
Jacksonville FL 02/14 – 02/16
Dallas TX 02/14 – 02/16
Richmond VA 02/14- 02/16
Spokane WA 02/14 – 02/16
Pittsburgh PA 02/14- 02/17
Portland OR 02/20 – 02/23
Dayton OH 02/20- 02/23
Knoxville TN 02/20 – 02/23
Lakeland FL 02/21 – 02/23
Milwaukee WI 02/22 – 03/01
Atlanta GA 02/26 – 03/01
Kansas City MO 03/04 – 03/08
Rochester NY 03/05 – 03/08
Oklahoma City OK 03/06 – 03/08
Minneapolis MN 03/07 – 03/15
Virginia Beach VA 03/11 – 03/13
Columbus OH 03/19 – 03/22
Bethlehem PA 03/19 – 03/22
Honolulu HI 03/29 – 03/22
Denver CO 04/01 – 04/05
Birmingham AL 04/02 – 04/05
Albuquerque NM 04/03 – 04/05
Las Vegas NV 04/09 – 04/12
New York NY 04/10 – 04/19
Austin TX 04/17- 04/19
Tulsa OK 04/17- 04/19
Detroit MI 06/06 – 06/21

2020 Corvette lease payments explained

Are you getting a new 2020 Corvette, are you thinking about leasing it?

When ever a new car comes out there are so many questions. With most people making some sort of Retail or Lease payment on automobiles it’s always a big question.

In this video the possible lease payments are explained by top national corvette salesman Mike Davenport. The Chevy Dude.

In the Lease video Chevy Dude explains residuals, interest rate, term, and more.

Since official lease numbers won’t be out till the car is released to the public he does a fantastic job of showing a lot of different scenarios.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share to help others.

There are still some spots left if you would like a C8 2020 Corvette. Chevy Dude ships nationwide and you can reserve your now at http://OwnAc8.com 

All info needed to make a decision is well written out.

Wrecked 2020 Corvette test mule spotted at Corvette Assembly plant

So I learned about this C8 Coupe that appears to have been wrecked. I traveled to Bowling Green today to get some more video of this left behind test mule. It’s pretty amazing.


 Watch Video here

The car was behind a fence yet 100% visible to the public at the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green Kentucky. It has the prototype camouflage wrap on it and is missing a wheel completely.

 The airbags appear to have been deployed as well. I am still working on getting a closer look at this car and get some behind the scenes info on the car.

Never buy a car without this FREE car buying template

Buying A Car Doesn’t Have to Suck ™️

Buying a car is something most people do. Dealers love to make you focus on one item. THE PAYMENT.  Payment buying is what most people do. So, it’s easy for the dealership to get you to focus on “the payment”  But there is more for you to know. Use the form below and I will send you FOR FREE the best tips for buying a car and my 2 exclusive worksheets you need when buying a car


2020 Corvette Pricing Configuration Tool

Great news. A subscriber of my Chevy Dude Youtube channel contacted me with an amazing gift for all corvette members.

Aaron Tilden called me earlier in the day and told me how he nerded out and created this awesome Downloadable  Excel spread sheet to help with configration and pricing your 2020 Corvette C8 Stingray.

You can download the speadsheet by clicking here

It’s really easy to use. All you have to do is place a “1” in the blue section under the Trim level you are choosing or wish to comapre.   You can comapare all three trim levels at one time and save for future references.

Thanks, Aaron. We all in the Corvette community appericate your hard work on this.

Show Aaron some love with a share and posting this on the community forums to help others.