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Mike Davenport is the Top Corvette Salesman in Kentucky!

My name is Mike Davenport and I am the Louisville Chevy Dude. I specialize in selling new Chevrolet vehicles, especially specialized cars like the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. I pride myself knowing all the ends and outs of the Corvette Stingray. I know how to navigate the MyLink radio, navigation, driver info center, along with all of the other prudent info on the stingray.

Regardless of where you are in the country, I can help you purchase your next Corvette. Louisville, KY is just 2 hours from the National Corvette museum (NCM) making myself and Bachman Chevrolet your top museum shipping resource. I have shipping connections and high-up contacts with GM to make sure your Corvette Stingray is built and delivered to you in a timely manner. During the production period, I’ll keep you informed every step of the way, and have a rigorous schedule that I follow to check up on your build process. My expertise will make this the best auto purchasing experience you’ve ever had!

Happy Customers

See what real customers of Bachman Chevrolet and Mike Davenport have to say!

In my 30+ years of buying cars, I have never purchased two from the same dealer, let alone the same salesperson. Almost three years ago i purchased a car from Mike Davenport. He stayed in contact with me over the years to ensure the car was still meeting my needs. When I got the itch to purchase another car, I immediately thought of Mike and Bachman. I applaud Mike for dealing with me into the late evening (I was in Colorado for the week). We came to an agreement over the phone and discussed the plan to sign the paperwork. Once I arrived, the delivery was flawless.


Louisville, KY

I shopped around many sites on the computer. Then I found Mike Davenport on you tube. He was very competive. I ordered my Corvette through him, and he made promises, all of which he kept. He even scheduled our first oil change in Atlanta. I am now in Florida, and with time to reflect, the whole experience was excellent. We even had our car delivered on a red carpet. We would recommend Mike to all our friends. Thanks Mike



My husband and I had been shopping for a new Suburban for quite some time before finding one with all the features we wanted at Bachman Chevrolet. We called for an appointment to test drive and were assigned Mike Davenport as our sales guy. He introduced himself via a video text before we even arrived and he had the vehicle waiting for us. From the very first meeting, he was low pressure, letting us take our time to examine and test drive the vehicle. He was conscientious of our time, and made the experience easy! When it came time to make a deal, everything was as promised. Mike didn’t hand us off to someone else… He managed the entire process. I have never had an easier car buying experience! I will be sending all of my friends and family to Mike Davenport, The Louisville Chevy Dude!

Jenny P.

Louisville, KY

After calling several dealers to my my new Stingray, I saw Mike’s great reviews online and his informative videos. I have to say they are all accurate. Mike is a pleasure to work with. Most dealers will stay with the process so long as you buy the car. For Mike thats not the case. From the beginning to delivery, Mike stayed with me and even after the delivery of my car, he has volunteered his time, his expertise and his advice. You don’t want to go to a car dealer thats not honest up front. Mike was. He specifically told me what he can and can’t do. In the car dealership buying process, you get lied to, cheated and just misinformed. Sometime you find a diamond in the ruff. Davenport if you want to buy a car, no hassle, excellent customer service and a great guy! Also ask him about to give you the “Erick treatment” for red carpet service.


New Jersey

I was in the market for a new corvette stingray, and I chose Bachman based on my previous experience with the dealer. Mike Davenport handled the transaction with expertise and professionalism. He was very knowledgable of the Stingray and was able to answer any questions I had about the car itself or any of the process involved with ordering the car. He provided several ways to get in touch with him and always responded immediately or soon there after. I have purchased 4 vehicles from Bachman and will continue to do so thanks to another pleasant experience.


I met Mike Davenport through Facebook. Watching him sell cars, the RIGHT way, brightens my day and gives me hope that people like him will spread around (he’s in Louisville, I’m in Bristol CT). So, when I had a small problem with the stripes on the back of my 2013 Corvette Grand Sport 60th Anniversary Edition, I went to the most knowledgeable Chevrolet person I knew, Mike Davenport. Mike told me, that even though my warranty had expired 3 weeks earlier, to go to the Chevrolet dealer nearest me, and ask, not only if the dealer would help, but maybe Chevrolet would too as it seems to be a common problem. I spoke to the dealer, explained my situation, and they contacted Chevrolet, and bingo, we all came to the conclusion this was easily fixable, and today, with 2 sets of stripes replaced, it looks brand new again! Thanks Mike, for pointing me in the right direction, even though you didn’t have to, and checking on me a few weeks later to see if I had it taken care of.


Bristol, CT

I was all set to buy an Escape and happened into Bachman just to see, and because of the wonderful customer service and support we were given from Mike, we left in a new Equinox. I could not be happier with the decision!


Louisville, KY

Mike Davenport is the best at sales and customer service. Mike takes care of you 100% when you are his customer. He makes sure you are happy and tries to help you with all aspects of your purchase and all your needs for you and your vehicle. The Bachman dealership family are friendly and very caring to make sure you have a positive and enjoyable experience. Bachman Chevrolet is the only dealership I have experienced this type of family atmosphere and personal attention to customer service.The Bachman family are hands on and they are dedicated to their customers.


Southern Indiana

Mike did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable during the whole buying experience. I’ve never custom ordered a car before and he made it very easy. Almost too easy!


Southern Indiana

My car was ordered in mid-August prior to any production of the model by the manufacturer making it impossible to determine when the car might be delivered. Since I needed to sell a car and ultimately be ready to accept delivery of the new car, I asked that I be kept in ‘the loop’ with regard to its production and shipment. The car was delivered December 3, 2013, and Mike Davenport was with me all the way giving me the updates I needed. I was able to sell my car and get my finances in order such that the car was delivered at the first opportune date. At delivery, Mike took all the time we needed to become acquainted with the technological equipment as well as the every date operating features of the car. Mike is to be commended for delivering a level of service which exceeds customer expectations.

Don & Jane

Louisville, KY

Lucky us to meet Mike Davenport a year ago and end up buying our 2014 Corvette from him. He was right on target, completely experienced and knowledgeable, he made it easy and so much fun! He really cares and it shows.

Janet & Lou