Here are some of the most popular questions I get.

At this time a price can not be guaranteed. The market price will be based on how the car is selling at the current time. The market price will be determined at the time of the order being placed. As always your $1,000 is always refundable. Nothing will be unclear at the time of making an order.

Yes. has a breakdown and where you can leave a deposit. If you wait till the car is announced it will be too late.

2020 is sold out. 2021 Allocations haven’t been published yet. see most updated  and reserve now at

If you had a pre order BEFORE the reveal most likely. If you didn’t, highly unlikely

No this is an extra charge that goes to the museum. Just like an added option this is A voluntary experience.

NO NO and NO. As a corvette owner I know you don’t want those on your car. I do have a Bachman license plate frame that goes on the car. It help protect the temp tag while you wait on your permanent metal plate. If you have your own frame I will be more than happy to install it in place of the Bachman one.

If you don’t title or live in KY you pay nothing to our state.

We send all the money to your local DMV office. Bachman Autogroup does not keep any of it.

We have a $349.50 dealer document fee. No other dealership fees are collected or mandatory. As a company policy, we do collect your state’s sales tax, title, and misc state fees on your behalf. We then send them to the DMV, BMV, Secretary of state or whatever it’s called in your state.  I do use a 3rd part service that in most states it keeps you from having to go into the DMV.

This gets credited To your bill of sale as down payment when financing and a lower balance when paying cash.

At this point NO. We have placed an order with the factory and used an allocation for your order. You will be fully aware of this and sign a form for acknowledgment.

Yes, an additional $4,000 is required at time of order.

es at any time before we put an order to 1100 status with the factory.

want to commit to you and you to me. I find that when you put $1,000 it shows you are serious about working with me and in return I do everything I can to give you the best experience. Because, I know you are serious about working with me.

I have an electronic form I will send you when it’s time to order. This is NOT the pages I shared on my youtube video. It is something I use exclusively to make the order process easy and time-efficient.

Shipping cost widely vary throughout the year. I use two main shippers. Both ship direct to you and in an expedited fashion. I also only ship enclosed to protect your new car. The below are rough estimates and not a shipping quote.
San Antonio ~ 2990
Minneapolis ~ 2100
Atlantic City Nj ~ 2100
Myrtle Beach ~ 1900
West Palm beach ~ 2900

The above are typically delivered the next day.

Los Angles ~ 2100
Seattle ~ 2350
Phoenix ~ 1950
Las Vegas ~ 2250
Denver ~ 1725
Honolulu ~ 3000 (pick up at port)
Alaska ~ 5200 (Pick up at port)
The above 6 typically take 3-5 to pickup from the dealership and deliver to west cost generally in 6 days. Hawaii and Alaska will have to update at the time.

I don’t recommend drop shipping your car. There are MANY issues that is out of our control and only in control of the shipping company. There is a national shortage of transport drivers. Your car might (Most like would) get delayed. When shipping west of Mississippi River your car goes on a train. It could take 3 weeks before it gets there. Also we never know what your local dealership is capable of with prepping your car. I have several factory trained and certified corvette techs that prep your new car for delivery.

Right now that is still up in the air. Even though I can put your order to 1100 status it’s a slow process. I want your car built and delivered to you ASAP. I don’t get paid till you take delivery. So trust me, I will work in as timely fashion as the factory will allow.

No dealership can make an ethical promise on a delivery date. Currently we are still in the Pre order stage of the 2020 Corvette. I will update you on an individual basics once it’s time to place your order and send it to GM.

Pricing will become available on August 15th 2019

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