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Meet Mike Davenport
The Chevy Dude

We know how difficult and stressful it can be to find a car these days. We’re here six out of seven days of the week working with people just like you who are looking for a very particular car, truck or SUV, but are not able to find it. Unlike most dealerships, rather than telling you that we cannot help you if we don’t have that model in stock, we do our best to find exactly what you want, and we don’t stop looking until we find it. It’s for that reason that some local residents have labeled us the Car Grabber.

Since opening our doors, we have gone to great lengths to find the perfect match for many car shoppers in Louisville, Indiana and surrounding areas. If you let us know exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll do a lot more than searching the local Craigslist ads, Marketplace, or sitting at the used car auctions. We will actively seek out that car and go as far away as we need to get it in for you. Ask any other dealership to do the same and we can assure you that the answer will not be the same, as most salesmen will try to force you into a model that they have in stock.

Here at Mike’s Car Store we want to help people in need and empower them to better for themselves and their families. After every 100 cars, the dealership sells, we donate a car to a family in need. We pay all the taxes, title, and fees associated with buying a car.

We believe that the best way to invest in our community is by enabling people who want to help others. This was established for the goodwill of our community, and we believe that with our help we can get many others to follow in our footsteps.

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If you have been searching for a car in Louisville, or surrounding areas and needed my help, I’m here for you! I left Bachman Chevrolet and chased my dream of starting my own car store! I can assist you in the purchase of your new car. Looking for something with a bit more muscle? I can help you get the perfect ride and guarantee you will drive away happy. Mike’s Car Store is located in Georgetown, Indiana and can serve Kentucky and Indiana residents as well as people throughout the world. We even work internationally! one of the top in the region. When you’re ready to start looking for next vehicle, contact me and experience exceptional customer service.

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That is up to you. Here are a few steps to decide: Are you ready to buy? What do you want to buy? And then go in prepared for what you want. Full video of Mike for more.

Up to you and your budget. There are many things to think about. Watch video for more.

Make sure you know your numbers. Go in as cash buyer. Get the best deal. Video for more.

No it is not needed with very few exceptions. Watch this video for more information.

You need to be aware of the numbers. Understand the purchase price, fees and any additional costs. Video with more information.

For a new car: Any non-factory equipment? Used car: Do you have a carfax? Any known damage? Video for more.

No. The only things to pay for are purchase price, sales tax, dealer fees and DMV fees. Video for more.

This comes from value does not exceed loan balance of value of the car you are trying to buy. Video for more.

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