February 19, 2019
February 19, 2019 Mike Davenport

Want to start your Chevy? Just ask Alexa.

Ever want to warm up your Chevy on a cold morning without having to leave the house? Or crank up the AC when it’s sweltering out? Ever gotten into bed and suddenly worried that you left your SUV unlocked out in the driveway?

Well, now you can. Click here to learn more. http://chevydude.news/Alexa-start-my-car

Most people don’t know that they can control their Chevrolet thru their Amazon Alexa. In this Vlog, I share with you how to set it up, how to use it, and a couple of errors you might encounter.

Once you’ve activated the myChevrolet skill for Alexa, here are just some of the commands you can utilize:

  • Alexa, ask Chevrolet for help: Prompts Alexa to recite a list of available functions
  • Alexa, ask Chevrolet to start my car: Alexa will ask for your PIN, and then start your vehicle, if properly equipped.
  • Alexa, ask Chevrolet to stop my car: Alexa will stop the car you most recently started.
  • Alexa, ask Chevrolet to lock/unlock my car: Alexa will ask for your PIN, and then lock or unlock your vehicle, if properly equipped.

Multiple vehicles can be managed with the skill but it allows customers to interface with only one vehicle at a time.

Watch this video for step by step setup and proper use. (there is a learning curve) http://chevydude.news/Alexa-start-my-car

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