Thieves steal Company owned 2020 Corvette wheels

January 23, 2020
January 23, 2020 Mike Davenport

Thieves steal Company owned 2020 Corvette wheels

More funny business with the 2020 C8. Luckily no engineers were directly involved this time.

It apperars that a 2020 Corvette has had all 4 wheels stolen in the West Village over the past couple days.

A few years ago I had wheels stolen off a Red Line Silverado. After some investigation I found them for sale and was able to prove they were my wheels. You can check that out here. 


I think used wheels on Facebook market place will be a little easier to prove stolen since the car doesn’t go into production till 2/3/2020

The poor mid-engined Corvette is now sitting on cinder blocks with its rear end resting on the ground, so it’s likely that the criminals inflicted some damage in the process of swiping the wheels.

For Reference you can order your car with locking lug nuts from the factory to prevent this. Or if you didn’t order them you can pick them up from your Chevy dealer.

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