How to Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit

December 29, 2021
December 29, 2021 Mike Davenport

How to Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit

Are you looking to buy a used car with bad credit? But the process seems like it will be impossible? Well, that’s where you are wrong because it’s easier than you think to get your hands on a used car when you have bad credit. Follow these simple steps and before you know it, you’ll be cruising down the road in your new ride!

Top ways to get approved for auto financing with bad credit

  1. If you’re going with a dealership, get pre-approved for financing ahead of time. This way, when you walk into a dealership and say I want to buy a car, they know you mean it. Use free websites like MoneySupermarket to find dealerships in your area that have great rates on auto loans.
  2. Get financed through a loan from your bank or credit union if possible. In many cases, these sources offer better interest rates than a dealership and their terms are often more flexible – meaning you can negotiate on monthly payments as well as a total price (as opposed to getting haggled by salespeople).
  3. Buy at auctions: Local government agencies auction off repossessed cars all over America and credit unions can sometimes help buyers finance purchases of repossessed vehicles.

Where to find used cars for sale in your area

Craigslist, local used car dealerships, and private party sellers. If you’re buying from an individual it is best to do a background check on them. Start by searching through their name on Google and see what pops up. You can also do an online search with their phone number, address, or email they have provided you with to see if anything comes up that is concerning or may lead you to think twice about purchasing your vehicle from them. When speaking to someone for the first time over the phone be aware of any inconsistencies in their story or information that does not match. If you feel uneasy about someone who you are working with then walk away from the deal because there could be something hidden in his/her past that could come back and bite you later on down the road.

Tips when buying from dealerships

Dealerships can be scary for some people. They often have to use high-pressure sales tactics, and there’s usually no way out of it if you’re already there. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with it if you know what you want and what you don’t want—and are willing to walk away. It takes research, but getting a car with bad credit doesn’t mean having any choices or dealing with shady dealerships.

Apply For An Auto Loan at Mike’s Car Store Today

As someone with bad credit, it can be hard for you to get a loan for an automobile. Thankfully, Mike’s Car Store offers financing solutions tailored specifically for individuals with bad credit. By applying online today, you could have your loan approved in as little as 15 minutes! Before you fill out an application, however, read on for tips about how to buy a used car with bad credit successfully. If you’re worried that being under-employed will lead auto lenders to reject your credit application, don’t panic: there are still ways to get approved.

Value Your Trade with Mike’s Car Store In Minutes

Before you head to Mike’s Car Store, get an estimate of your vehicle’s value from our very own Value Your Trade tool. Simply input information about your vehicle and then fill out the form required for sending you the personalized current market value of your car. You will be provided with useful statistics on Local Supply, Local Market Demand, and the Estimated Value of your vehicle. Save time by quickly seeing how much money you can expect when selling your used car to Mike’s Car Store!

For more information on How to buy a car with bad credit check out this video by our very own ‘ChevyDude’.

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