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How to Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit

Are you looking to buy a used car with bad credit? But the process seems like it will be impossible? Well, that’s where you are wrong because it’s easier than you think to get your hands on a used car when you have bad credit. Follow these simple steps and before you know it, you’ll be cruising down the road in your new ride!

Top ways to get approved for auto financing with bad credit

  1. If you’re going with a dealership, get pre-approved for financing ahead of time. This way, when you walk into a dealership and say I want to buy a car, they know you mean it. Use free websites like MoneySupermarket to find dealerships in your area that have great rates on auto loans.
  2. Get financed through a loan from your bank or credit union if possible. In many cases, these sources offer better interest rates than a dealership and their terms are often more flexible – meaning you can negotiate on monthly payments as well as a total price (as opposed to getting haggled by salespeople).
  3. Buy at auctions: Local government agencies auction off repossessed cars all over America and credit unions can sometimes help buyers finance purchases of repossessed vehicles.

Where to find used cars for sale in your area

Craigslist, local used car dealerships, and private party sellers. If you’re buying from an individual it is best to do a background check on them. Start by searching through their name on Google and see what pops up. You can also do an online search with their phone number, address, or email they have provided you with to see if anything comes up that is concerning or may lead you to think twice about purchasing your vehicle from them. When speaking to someone for the first time over the phone be aware of any inconsistencies in their story or information that does not match. If you feel uneasy about someone who you are working with then walk away from the deal because there could be something hidden in his/her past that could come back and bite you later on down the road.

Tips when buying from dealerships

Dealerships can be scary for some people. They often have to use high-pressure sales tactics, and there’s usually no way out of it if you’re already there. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with it if you know what you want and what you don’t want—and are willing to walk away. It takes research, but getting a car with bad credit doesn’t mean having any choices or dealing with shady dealerships.

Apply For An Auto Loan at Mike’s Car Store Today

As someone with bad credit, it can be hard for you to get a loan for an automobile. Thankfully, Mike’s Car Store offers financing solutions tailored specifically for individuals with bad credit. By applying online today, you could have your loan approved in as little as 15 minutes! Before you fill out an application, however, read on for tips about how to buy a used car with bad credit successfully. If you’re worried that being under-employed will lead auto lenders to reject your credit application, don’t panic: there are still ways to get approved.

Value Your Trade with Mike’s Car Store In Minutes

Before you head to Mike’s Car Store, get an estimate of your vehicle’s value from our very own Value Your Trade tool. Simply input information about your vehicle and then fill out the form required for sending you the personalized current market value of your car. You will be provided with useful statistics on Local Supply, Local Market Demand, and the Estimated Value of your vehicle. Save time by quickly seeing how much money you can expect when selling your used car to Mike’s Car Store!

For more information on How to buy a car with bad credit check out this video by our very own ‘ChevyDude’.

GM issues Recall on Front trunk 2020 Corvette

We have all heard and seen about the 2020 Corvette front trunk (possibly) popping open when not intended while driving.

I actually did a video on this you can watch here. C8 Corvette Frunks Flying Open. My response and how to fix it

GM has made a recall in regards to the front trunk. But, it’s not for unintended opening. It’s actually for another REALLY GOOD safety concern.

Field Action Details

General Motors has decided that certain 2020 model year Chevrolet Corvette vehicles fail to conform to S4.1 of Federal/Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (F/CMVSS) No. 401, “Interior Trunk Release.” These vehicles are designed to enter a low-power “sleep” mode ten minutes after powering off. The trunk lid release button located inside the front trunk compartment may not function while the vehicle is in this sleep mode, as required by FMVSS 401.

Safety Risk Description:

If the trunk lid is left open, a small person who climbs inside the front trunk compartment and closes the trunk lid while inside may not be able to get out without assistance, increasing the risk of injury.

Repair Description:

GM will update the software in the vehicles’ Body Control Module (BCM) to lower the voltage required to wake the vehicle from the low power “sleep” mode. This will allow the interior trunk release button to function while the vehicle is in that mode. Owners who have accepted applicable terms and conditions will have the opportunity to accept these software changes using wireless over-the-air (OTA) technology without having to bring their vehicle to a dealership. Alternatively, owners may schedule to have the updates performed at a GM dealer.

In other words this can be done in your garage or driveway. Simply go to your cars radio. Hit settings from your home screen, click system, scroll down till you see updates. it’s that easy.

see video below for reference.

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette with RARE option found totaled on copart

Ohio based 2LT Trim level 2020 Corvette totaled during a rain storm

Back in May 2020 I was driving to OKC and got word of another C8 accident that would most likely result in a total loss of that unit. It actually looked a lot like my personal 2020 Corvette and the Facebook groups were a quick buzz thinking I had wrecked.

Over the last 3 weeks I have been looking all over for this car and it finally came up on copart today.

This car was sold new to a business back on 3/13/2020 out of dealership in Elyria Oh.

The car came off the line on 2/7/2020

This is a 2LT trim level car that was the 269th 2020 Corvette stingray built for regular production.

The option list includes

  • G9F Ceramic Matrix Gray paint color
  • 3F9 Torch red seat belts
  • 4JF sky cool / Jet black interior
  • 5ZZ CArbon flash high wing spoiler
  • DRG Carbon flash mirrors
  • FE4 magnetic ride control
  • E60 Front lift suspension
  • ERI battery protection package
  • AH2 Gt2 Bucket seats
  • Q8Q Carbon flash painted wheels
  • SPY  black lug nuts
  • TU7 two toned interior seats
  • Z51 Z51 performance package
  • ZZ3 engine appearance package

Where we don’t have the full story on this cars accident. We can clearly see that the accident happened during the rain. And now that we have the VIN the black sheriff car does point out an Ohio Sheriff’s vehicle.

Our best guess is that the car lost control in the rain and hydroplaned out of control. We truly hope the driver and any passenger walked away safe. As this is the 3rd total loss customer 2020 Corvette. We have now also seen 3 major front end collisions and the Corvette engineering team has done a remarkable job to provide a super safe car.

As many Corvette owners know back in January GM sent a memo to dealers saying that all 5VM exposed carbon fiber ground effects would be deleted as the Carbon fiber supplier wasn’t able to keep up with the demand. This 2020 Corvette did in fact have them and you can see what’s left by the photo above. Truly sad to see such a hard to find option lost in an accident. Even worst the car isn’t currently replaceable either as the Bowling green plant just resumed production from the Covid 19 shut down.


If you happen to be looking for ground effects or accessories for your C7, C8 and any other Corvette/camaro related accessory we would recommend you check out  ACS Composite.

ACS build Corvette accessories that are designed and engineered to get you the best fit on the market. Get the best mods, parts and accessories for your Corvette. Worldwide Shipping.

[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette falls off lift

If you are looking for a fast track to the unemployment line, this mechanic has probably found a method that would work best, maybe even better than using your bosses desk as a urinal.

A Technician at an unknown Chevy dealer is having a REALLY bad day. I Was sent this photo from a fan with an unknown source and unknown story.

This is the only picture so far that we have. This now appears to be the 3rd totaled C8 in the county. With less than 3000 build this car is currently not able to be replaced.

[UPDATE] Wrecked 2020 Corvette is Getting fixed! Minimal Damage underneath.

Great News out of Florida. The 2020 Corvette that was hit by a drunk driver is getting repaired.

I have been following this story since I broke it a couple weeks ago. I was wondering if this wrecked 2020 Corvette would actually be repairable.


It appears that it’s currently in the process of getting repaired so the owner can enjoy it.


Now, as you can imagine buying a brand new super car, getting into an accident then having it repaired isn’t exactly my cup of tea.  However, in today’s environment and lack of cars being built, one may not have a choice.


If it were me and under normal circumstances I would have pushed for the car to be totaled. However, If you look at all the pictures we have obtained, you will see the car held up very well under the impact and very minimal damage was done to underneath the car.


Outside the Hood, Fenders, fascia. It’s obvious the car will need the front coolers replaced, miscellaneous hoses, clips, screw, etc. this car appears to be easily fixable.


Looking closer at the car there are 2 front impact beams. The beams did their job and are easily replaceable, but It’s just a matter of getting parts. Getting parts on a brand new car can be the hardest part of the repair.


Possibly the factory can help out and ship parts to the customers Chevy Dealer Body shop to speed up the repair process.


For some reference points if you go watch the first part of Chevy Dude’s Cutaway 2020 Corvette video you will see how easy this car is to repair. Good news for future people in accidents. Video can be found here.


Also good news, as reported, the driver and passenger of the 2020 Corvette walked away with minimal injuries.


Great Job to GM and the Corvette design team to make this car extremely safe.

We were also able to obtain several never before seen photos of the wrecked 2020 C8 Corvette. Check them out below and let us know what you think.

Crazy amount of water enters engine bay of 2020 Corvette.

All engine bays get water, grit, grime, and other road spray in their compartments. Over the last several months Corvette owners have wondered how much water does actually get in there.

So I took my 2020 corvette through a few different tests.

Yes even through an automatic car wash.

In this video: I show you how much water actually gets into the engine bay.

Most corvettes won’t see an automatic car wash as they aren’t suppose to go through one.  I also show you how much water gets into the engine bay right in my driveway. The actual place most corvettes will get a bath.

Check out the full video for yourself.

1 day old 2020 Corvette TOTALED after Drunk Driving accident.

-Sarasota Florida.

Wednesday March 2nd was a great day for someone at Cox Chevrolet in Bradenton, Fl. A seemly new Corvette buyer got to pick up his rare 2020 Corvette.

With less than 2800 Regular production cars made one being in an accident makes this car currently irreplaceable.

The Plant is shutdown until further notice due to covid 19 pandemic, and all the cars have shipped from bowling green.

Thursday was the worst day of the new owners life. On Sarasota 41 near downtown a drunk driver driving a much older black sedan pulled out in front of the new 2020 Corvette. The C8 corvette then t-boned the car driven by the alleged frunk driver.

With the pictures I have received it seems the 2020 Corvette is a total loss. Even if it can be fixed we are talking MONTHS down the road to get parts for the vehicle.

Truly an extremely sad day for this new corvette owner.

Also, a HUGE reminder that drinking and driving is 100% unacceptable for ANY REASON!  Call an uber, lyft, friend, take a bus, sleep in the back seat of your vehicle. NEVER DRIVE!!!!

[DOWNLOAD] 2020 corvette Owners Manual is here!

Download your copy below.

Since December I have been looking for the 2020 Corvette Owners Manual. I was told it was going to be released in January and that never happened.

If you would like to download the owners manual Just click this link.

I have yet to read any of this, but at the time of this posting My printer is working overtime printing every page of the owners manual out.

[PICS] Corvette plant display makeover update.

Construction almost done.

There has been some construction going on down in Bowling Green Ky at the Corvette Assembly plant that hasn’t gotten a ton of attention.

In the early fall construction crews started to tear out  the Old outdated display that over the past several years housed C7 corvettes and had a metal fence around it.

The metal fence wasn’t real good for pictures and it kept people away from the cars. The display that the cars were parked on were car dealership metal ramps that many dealers have to elevate cars up on their lots.

With the 2020 Corvette bringing world wide attention why not make the plant welcoming to guest and those guest have a fantastic opportunity for great pictures.

General Motors and Chevrolet have done just that. In the picture slide below check out the new and improved C8 display at the plant. There is also a great video of it over on YouTube. Check the more in depth look at it there.

How to Create Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit

On a recent drive home from work I experienced a roadside break down. Luckily I was close to home a quick call to my wife saved the day. (and a lot of harassment from my wife)

My 1995 K1500 Silverado got low on gas and as old trucks do. NEVER notified of low fuel… So I ran out of gas along side an extremely busy road during rush hour traffic.

I have always wanted to do a video on roadside safety in the event of a roadside break down.  Well, it happened organically and here are a few tips to keep yourself safe during a road side emergency situation.   Watch Video here (different from the text below)

A basic roadside emergency kit should include some of the following items:

  • Jumper cables. Or you can carry a small, portable, lithium-ion battery with jumper cables. Usually, these batteries will also recharge computers and cell phones. Prices for these batteries range from $60-$200. If you go the battery route, though, make sure to keep it charged (the on listed above will keep charged for up to 12 months)
  • Flares or triangle reflectors. LED flares are also an option worth considering.
  • A quart or more of motor oil
  • A gallon of coolant
  • First-aid kit
  • Blanket or space blanket
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Tool kit with screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrench, pocket knife
  • A can of tire inflator and sealant such as Fix-a-Flat
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Paper towels
  • Spray bottle with washer fluid
  • Ice scraper (if you live in an area with snow)
  • Pen and paper
  • Granola or energy bars
  • Bottled water

Once you have assembled your roadside emergency kit, find a good way to keep these items together in your trunk so they don’t roll around. Even a simple cardboard box works well. A backpack is another option. But make sure the kit is quickly accessible because you might need it in a hurry.

You also can buy pre-assembled emergency roadside kits that come in handy storage bags to keep the items organized. A quick Internet or Amazon search will locate dozens of such kits ranging in price and size. This DIY kit requires more work, but covers more than just the basic items i’ve listed here.

How to Stay Safe During a Roadside

Source: edmunds.com